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Meet Giedre

Company Director, G-Style Beauty Founder

G-Style Beauty products are high-quality, very well researched, nurtured, and tested. Such products improve the quality and the work of technicians also increases the number of happy customers with beautiful nails. Happy customers are an integral part of my business and I believe yours. 

I am an experienced nail care expert with many certificates in nail techniques and a business owner with a demonstrated history of working in the beauty industry and an Accounting and Business Management college degree. I had the opportunity to study with the best teacher, the tutor, and the judge of the Nail Olympics. This brought invaluable knowledge and inspiration that changed my work technique and determination to pursue my dreams.


One of them was to create a brand with the best nail product line and by sharing my knowledge help other women to start their own business as expert technicians in the nail care field. 

G-Style Beauty / Nail Product Supply and Services

Email: info@beautygoalaspirations.com

Post:  Malthouse Studios 62 - 76 Abbey Road Barking, London IG11 7BT, UK