Giedre Jukneviciute

Company Director, G-Style Beauty Founder

The founder of G-Style Beauty nail product line. Also, nail care expert. I have enjoyed everything related to the beauty since I was a child.


I have a college degree in  "Accounting and Business Management". I planned to be an accountant but work in the office never fascinated me. My dream has always been working in the beauty industry and this thought never abandoned me. I am pleased to see sincere smiles after the procedure as beautiful nails change woman`s hands beyond recognition. Beautiful nails are women`s business card.

"Accounting and Business management" certificate is not the only one in my collection. Up till now I have received many more certificates in nail techniques. A couple of them are quite valuable to me and have brought a lot of knowledge and inspiration in the field of nail care. I had the opportunity to study with the best teacher, the tutor and the judge of Nail Olympics. It gave me a great deal of invaluable knowledge that changed my work technique and determination to pursue my dreams. One of my biggest dreams was the best nail product line.


G-Style Beauty products are long researched, nurtured and tested on myself. High quality is one of the main requirements, as it improves the quality and work of technicians, also increases the number of customers. It is important that women not only have the opportunity to wear beautiful nails, but also enjoy them for as long as possible.


I am the kind of person who never stops trying to accomplish the goal so that`s not the end. I will improve, look for the best option and take into account customer feedback. Any dissatisfaction or failure will be considered very responsibly to find every solution to the problem. Happy customers are an integral part of my business. 


I always believe in other people’s dreams so I want to help anyone who wants to find their true calling. In life, I’m just a mother and that is the real challenge for the business. I accept my own and other people’s goals as if they are my children. 

What is the secret to success in my own eyes? - hard work and never giving up, no matter how desperate the situation seems at the time.

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