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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

What is a professional nail technician? It is being an approachable person who is confident, has a positive attitude, right appearance, and ability. For some of you, this path is the beginning of your journey. It is important to learn everything correctly if you plan to take your services to the public. As a nail technician, you must present a professional image AT ALL TIMES.

It is important to follow strict hygiene and professional rules written below:

● Bath or shower daily

● Wear subtle perfume and antiperspirant

● Wear minimal jewellery (wedding ring is allowed)

● Comb your hair and secure it away from the face (make sure your hair does not interfere with the treatment

● Wear natural makeup (do not overdo)

● Ensure you wear clean and pressed up uniform daily. If you do not have to wear a uniform you should choose a top that looks professional (no low cut, short sleeves, and light color recommended as dust generated when filing and buffing)

● Nails have to be short and nail polish free (it shows to the client that you have no nail fungus or any other conditions that might pass on to the client)

● Any cuts or wounds have to be covered with a waterproof plaster

● Clean and low-heeled shoes

● Avoid eating strong-smelling foods, brush your teeth twice a day, avoid smoking.


You may practice as much as possible to feel confident in every aspect you do and say. If you lack confidence, clients may see it easily and take advantage of it. Try to 3 get as much experience as you can. Ask your friends or family members to get their free treatments. Then you can see how confident you feel after it.

Ethics - moral principles that govern a technician behaviour or the conducting of an activity.

In the nail care field, it is crucial to understand and follow a code of ethics and hygiene rules working at home-based or in a salon. As a nail technician it is important to carry on the following ethics and hygiene rules, especially in a global pandemic context:

● Maintain high standards of health and safety rules all the time

● Always work within the law

● Maintain client’s confidentiality

● Do not talk disrespectfully about your competitors or clients

● Perform every service to the best as possible

● Respect personal choices your client makes

● Do not diagnose suspected medical conditions

● Do not poach another therapist or nail technician’s client

● Do not make false claims regarding your ability or qualifications

● Do not falsely advertised treatments or products

● Act justly and fairly, be honest

General behaviour

As a nail technician it is very important that you have the following qualities:

● Professional and approachable

● Provide service with a smile, be thankful that You have clients

● Always be polite and respectful with others

● Meet your client in a friendly manner

● Most important is to avoid discussing Politics and Culture

● Reliable, flexible, and friendly

● Good team member and colleague

Body language


- Sit and work with a straight back

- Nod when you're talking

- Warm gestures

- Upward palms when talking

- Raised head

- Appropriate smile and laugh

- Soft and clear tone of voice

- Eye contact with the client

- Relaxed body postures


- Looking not interested

- Rubbing the eyes

- Fidgeting

- Arms folded

- Slouched forward

- Frown and not smiling

- Raised tone of voice

- Avoiding eye contact

- Looking down at the floor

How to greet the client

A good first impression is very important and crucial when you meet your clients, make appointments, and take payments. Making and recording appointments accurately is a very important role for nail technicians. The appointment system makes sure that you are working effectively and it helps to create a smooth and calm working environment. If you are mobile, you need to consider your availability and the time taken to reach the journey destination and complete the treatment. Always record the name of the client, service, date, contact telephone number, and the most convenient time for the client. Always repeat the information back to the client so both sides clearly understand each other and have the right information. Please, try to put your clients at their ease and check if they are happy, feel comfortable, and warm enough. All clients have different senses of pain so be sensitive. You can purchase professional nail products on our shop Good Luck, G-Style Beauty Let's meet in social media: Instagram: Facebook:

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