Most common problems with nail enhancements. What causes product lifting from natural nail.

In this article I am going to share common problems that could occur if you do not apply products correctly. So let's go to this list straight away and get rid of these issues! Here is a list:

  • The application of tips could cause problems if you adhere more or less than 25% of the tip to the natural nail. Also, tip applied at incorrect angle could make nails to brake.

  • Too much or too little adhesive can cause saturating of the natural nail, air bubbles, lifting, loss of the tip.

  • Air bubbles when applying tip can result in crack and loss of tip.

  • Over-blending the tip can cause nail cracks. To avoid it use 180 grit file.

  • Incorrect positioning of tip can result crooked nail.

  • Lumps and bumps in a product or uneven surfaces. Make sure you even the surface with the 180 grit file after product application.

  • Air bubbles when applying powder and monomer can result in pocket lifting or lose of the nail.

  • Too much or too little of the acrylic product can make nails too thick or too thin.

  • Too wet product application causes shrinkage on the natural nail, resulting in discomfort for the client.

  • Misuse of liquid and powder such as sloppy work, spilt product on work surfaces and skin can cause irritation and allergies.

  • Lifting of the product can be caused by poor natural nail preparation, such as not lifting and removing cuticles, not removing debris or shine of the natural nail and poor nail dehydration.

  • Product dries too quickly or too slowly due to ventilation, central heating, weather conditions and room temperature. Make sure you have good ventilation in your workplace.

  • Over-spill of product underneath the free edge of the nail.

  • Poor finishing is a very common issue. You must always work down your grit files. 100 grit file quickly removes length and bumps on the surface. !80 grit smooth the surface. White block is perfect to remove scratches and give an overall balance.

  • Make sure your cuticle tools such as nippers or cuticle knife are sharp and used correctly. If you use e-file bits for dry manicure, make sure you are fully trained by professionals.

I hope it was useful article and it will help you to improve at work. If you have any questions feel free to ask in comments and I will try to answer. Wish you a lot of happy clients and good luck!

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