Nail Extension History. Do You Know Who Is The Founder?

Fred Slack was a dentist who broke his fingernail at work. In 1954, he created an artificial nail using dental acrylic as a temporally replacement. After experiments with different materials, he and his brother, patented his idea and started a company Patti Nails. At the time Fred used his dental materials and chemicals to replace the nails. However, over the time the process has changed significantly.

In the late 20s an #artificial #nails became very popular for woman. Nowadays, there is a big nail competition and huge variety of artificial nail products. It is so complicated to choose the best company as many of them offer 'the best products' in a market. Also, there are many opinions about gel and acrylic systems. I will talk about the differences in later articles, so it might help you not to get lost in 'magic product names' created only to outstand particular business in competition.

Our #nail #products is long researched and experimented to make sure it satisfy us to the best results available. Our mission is to keep everything simple so you will not get confused while shopping.


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