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UV/LED Gel vs Acrylic

Not all women were endowed with beautiful, perfectly growing and strong nails by nature. It would seem that it's not a problem, because nowadays what nature has not given it can be given by specialists. This time we would like to talk about nail extensions: what are advantages and disadvantages. Finally how to care for extended nails so that they delight as long as possible.

What makes gel nails different from acrylic?

  • The gel does not transmit oxygen, but nails feel great under the gel and grow at the same rate as usual.

  • The gel does not have a specific smell like acrylic liquid.

  • The gel nail surface shines so beautifully as if it has just been polished. Great look.

  • The gel cures only under UV light, acrylic - in the air.

  • The gel is more elastic than acrylic, so when the nail is broken, the surface of the real nail is not so strongly traumatized.

  • The gel is more allergic than acrylic, so it may not be suitable for everyone.

  • The gel can be completely translucent, so it's possible to create beautiful art.

About what nails look nicer – gels or acrylics – we leave it to you to decide. You can share your opinion in comments.

However, practically everything that is unnatural can be a little harmful, it is not surprising that nail extension has its disadvantages:

  • The procedure of nail extensions takes about 2,5 hours. UV gel must be cured only under ultraviolet light.

  • If the nail breaks, it will not be able to regrow. We will have to remove remaining product on nails and re-form it again.

  • Nail extensions should be removed in the nail salon to avoid permanent nail damages. It is not recommended to do it at home.

  • Infills should be done every 3-4 weeks depending on growth. for some of you it might be a bit expensive.

Doing nail extensions at home is currently a frequent service. For some, it seems that it is not difficult to carry it out. However, only a qualified professional in this field can ensure that the services provided are at a highest quality. Without experience you can damage nails permanently. Perhaps that's why we offer to choose the qualified nail technician. Nail extension – a great service that allows you to enjoy amazing nails everyday!

Best of luck,

G-Style Beauty

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