Set includes:

  • UV/LED Lamp
  • UV/LED Extra Thick Gel Cover Pink
  • UV/LED Extra Thick Gel White
  • Dehydrator and Bonder
  • Top Coat
  • Brush/Scoop 
  • File 100/180
  • No base required, very easy filling
  • LED & UV dual curing high viscosity hard gel, which has been formulated to give the nail technician complete control during application as this extra-thick gel will not move or level on its own so the perfect finish and desired shape can be created at the technician’s preferred speed
  • Extremely strong with excellent bonding properties, so no chipping or lifting, but without any odor or yellowing and with the flexibility and high gloss finish of a gel. Cover pink suitable for French designs and to cover any natural nail imperfections. 
  • It self-leveling but due to its unique formula, it is quite stable and does not run into cuticles. 
  • Suitable for sculpting and building with nail forms or over tips and compatible with gel polish
  • Fast-curing time with no heat reaction: 60 seconds under LED and 2 minutes under UV



German production high-quality item.


  • 32 LED / 36 Watt
  • Automatic on/off
  • Detachable bottom plate
  • 20/60/120 sec. timer setting
  • Light barrier activated
  • Light barrier timer
  • 365 & 405 nm for all UV gels

CAUTIONFor professional use only!

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